The types and characteristics of whitetail deer

Characteristics The white-tailed deer is tan or brown in the summer and grayish brown in winter. The male has antlers. Males weigh between and pounds and females weigh between 90 and pounds.

The types and characteristics of whitetail deer

Kevin Wilson Posted on: Triumph Bone Collector is, "the baddest muzzleloader in the land! So I picked one up and headed to the range.

The types and characteristics of whitetail deer

We all know no single product is perfect; there are usually positives and negatives. But the obvious question persists … can it shoot?

And if so, is it truly, "the baddest muzzleloader in the land," as Waddell claims? While lots of hunters prefer to shoot their blackpowder rifles with open sights, I chose to mount a Bushnell series x50 on mine. My rationale - this allows me to test accuracy by eliminating as much human error as possible.

Whenever I check out a new gun, I consider first impressions and visual appeal, how it feels in hand, how it handles at the range or in the field, features that make it unique from comparable firearms, downrange accuracy, how easy it is to clean, and the price point.

At first glance, this gun is indeed a one-of-a-kind. The newest member of the Triumph series, it has distinct appeal. In two words, it can best be described as "simple" and "weatherproof. How it Handles In the world of muzzleloaders, by comparison, the Triumph Bone Collector is relatively lightweight.

Designed with an alloy receiver, this muzzleloader is much lighter than its cousin, the Encore Pro Hunter. Some guns just feel good in hand.

Physical Characteristics

The forend grip is comfortable; not too wide and not too narrow. The Flex Tech stock is about an inch shorter than those on other Triumphs and, I like a shorter stock, so this is a real bonus. Consistent with most muzzleloaders, I found the Bone Collector to be easy to load as long as the barrel is clean.

Set up for a primer, this gun is simple to ready.

The types and characteristics of whitetail deer

As far as the shooting goes, this muzzleloader has a factory set trigger with an automatic hammer block safety, making it easy and safe to handle. According to the specifications, all Triumph Bone Collector triggers are set at the factory for between 3 and 3.

In my experience at the range, this is a comfortable setting with this muzzleloader. From the 28" fluted barrel, to the easily removable speed breech XT plug, recoil pad, fiber optics sight, reversible hammer extension, Power Rod with "T" end, Weather Shield barrel and receiver, and the fact that the stock was available in both Realtree AP or black composite - my initial reaction - what could they possibly come up with next?

But the three most impressive features were the easily removable breech plug, the weatherproof characteristics of this firearm, and the inherent recoil technology.

Thanks for making this site a regional winner in the NAAE Ideas Unlimited program!! Back to Glen Rose FFA Home.. Ag Lesson Plans in Power Point Format. Dedicated to the busy teacher who can't seem to get it all done! White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)Species Code: ODVI What they look like: White-tailed deer are the smallest members of the North American deer family. Adult white-tail deer have reddish-brown coats in summer. The color fades to a duller grayish-brown in winter. In white-tailed deer, for example, the doe may be only negligibly smaller than the buck -- does of this species can weigh as much as pounds, while bucks can weigh as little as pounds. In other species, the size difference is more dramatic.

In my opinion, this is one of the two most appealing features on this muzzleloader. The Triumph series and in particular this new Bone Collector has been successfully designed to eliminate traditional cleaning hassles.

In turn, the coating is a matte black finish that is said to provide greater durability and excellent protection from corrosion. This combined with the accuracy in powder measurements i. That said each component has to perform flawlessly to create downrange accuracy. When I had the scope mounted, it was bore sighted.

I immediately switched to a 25 yard target. The first five shots were in the same hole with an outside error of 1" so I easily zeroed the scope and then switched back to the yard target.

At yards, with a vice, I was easily able to zero the scope and shoot a consistent 3" group with the next 15 rounds. Regardless of the vice, there is always some degree of human error and, frankly few could argue with this kind of performance.

As far as downrange accuracy is concerned, I was suitably impressed.Kevin Wilson is a freelance outdoors writer and professional big game & waterfowl guide/outfitter from Alberta, Canada. Confessing an obsession for big whitetails and bighorn sheep, he has hunted most North American big game species with either bow, muzzleloader, rifle or shotgun.

Free deer papers, essays, and research papers. The Deer - It was the middle of summer in a small town called Harvey, in the city of Marquette, Michigan.

Dick Metcalf examines qualities he looks for in a perfect whitetail bullet. Agriculture Center (Ag/Farm Costs/Plans, Soil, Water, Crops, Pastures, Machinery, Livestock, Fertilizer, Manure, Pesticides, etc.

Calculators, Spreadsheets, Databases. The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the whitetail or Virginia deer, is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia.

It has also been introduced to New Zealand, Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Lesser . White tailed deer, elk, and moose are all types of deer. They are ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae which means they grow and shed new antlers each year.

These three types of deer live in areas ranging from the wilderness, forests, brush thickets, prairie, and your backyard.

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