The rebel flag hate or heritage

Does the Confederate flag signify heritage or hate? Too many white Americans want to believe that we have expunged racism from our society.

The rebel flag hate or heritage

I was the ring leader of a rough and tumble group of boys who loved playing army, camping out with our dogs, fishing, playing lost trail, whiffle ball and best of all werewolves, the favorite game of the neighborhood that I proudly invented.

Sometimes when we would play army we would play the Civil War. For hours we would reenact Civil War battles in our back yards, out in the woods, and on the hillsides and creeks near our neighborhoods.

I would joke that we were reenacting the war between the Yankees and the Americans. Those were fun times and they were naive times. As children it was about play.

The Confederate Battle Flag: Heritage or Hate?

We did not understand the deep implications of the racial injustice, human trafficking, slavery and oppression of black people that the Confederate flag represented to so many African Americans.

As a Southerner and a small child I was proud of my Confederate heritage. I believed in heritage not hate. Like I said I was still naive. In spite of my naivete I had a great role model of tolerance and racial inclusion in my mother. At an early age my mother had saved me from racism and hatred.

The rebel flag hate or heritage

She invited black people to our home and encouraged my friendship with my first black friend LC who became my best friend in the second grade. He would come home with me after school, have dinner and play with me. Some of our neighbors did not like it, but that did not matter to my mom.

Report Abuse Confederate flag on a barn Source This photograph of a barn with a Confederate flag hanging on it suggests a thought experiment that might help to clarify whether that flag should be seen as just a reminder of Southern pride, with no negative racial overtones, or as a potent symbol of continuing racial prejudice. Put yourself in the shoes of a year old African American man.

She changed my life. LC told me later that he looked at my mother as the mother of all the kids who came to my house to play. Around the age of 13 I came to faith in Christ.

The rebel flag hate or heritage

I wanted to go out and hug everything and everyone. I told everyone in my public high school about Jesus. I evangelized everything that moved. Jeff Burns has already told me all about Jesus and the gospel. At least it did for the early church Galatians 3: This was one of the main reasons it spread so swiftly through the Roman Empire.Apr 01,  · The Confederate Flag: Why “Heritage, Not Hate” Is Irrelevant.

Updated on April 21, Ronald E Franklin. The General Lee’s rebel flag was an iconic image that symbolized, I know that the Confederate flag represents only heritage and not hate, so I wouldn't be concerned; No - Seeing the Confederate flag would make me very uneasy Reviews: Mar 08,  · The Confederate Flag represented the Confederate States of America that existed from to (actually there never really were any Confederate States--they were always part of the United States) but they wanted to break away because their state's rights were being limited by the federal government in Resolved.

Confederate flag Now some people insist that the Confederate battle flag signifies "heritage not hate", but in the s, white segregationists consistently protested against civil rights.

So, is the Confederate flag a symbol of heritage or one of hate? To begin with, the heritage argument for the Confederate flag makes perfect sense this coming from an African-American South Carolinian. The rebel flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and is in no way, shape, or form a symbol of racism and hatred.

When the Confederate flag first came in to existence, it was used as a symbol of the thirteen states that broke away from the United States. Heritage Hate? OR THE CONFEDERATE FLAG: TIMES PAST The recent murder of nine black people by a white supremacist has reignited a debate about Confederate symbols BY BRYAN BROWN rebel flag to be flown from the State House dome.

Officially, it was to observe the start of the Civil War years earlier. But.

The Confederate Flag: Heritage or Hate?