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Short speculative essay

We use resources as quickly as possible, and although we know that arable land and mineral reserves are ultimately going to run out, we cross our collective fingers and say that advances in technology will rescue us. We never save to purchase the things we desire, we buy them on credit.

The people we choose to manage our nations spend indiscriminately, while deferring billions or trillions of dollars in debt onto future generations. Humans are gifted with the capacity to comprehend cause and effect to an extent unique among living things, yet only a relative few put this ability to use.

Short speculative essay particular consequence of the past has been plain for twenty years, yet only recently has it been noticed by the media. The effects of this range from amusing to grim, and will not only alter the world economy, but may also change our system of ethics.

Population surges have occurred in the past, but never on this scale, nor did most people live to an age where their physical and mental condition would significantly influence society.

Most Western nations, however, began making changes a few years ago, diverting more revenue toward programs that target the elderly.

This, of course, has already resulted in things such as larger deficits, increased taxation, and funding cutbacks in other areas. The problem being that as the aged are removed from the workforce, there are fewer people contributing taxes at a rate higher than their personal cost to the government, and a lower ratio of workers to retirees.

At its peak, there will only be two persons in the workforce for each elderly individual requiring support. The wealthy and powerful have been preparing for the economic difficulties ahead via the redistribution of wealth.

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A number of nations have cut taxes for the rich, and companies are taking a progressively larger profit margin. The gap between the rich and the masses continues to widen, effectively shifting the financial burden of our aging population onto the working class.

Aware that the status quo must change, the elite intend to ensure that they are not the ones who must pay the price. People in their fifties are a significant demographic, constituting an important target market for industry, and a powerful voting block.

Short speculative essay

Our culture is changing to conform to their present and future needs. The problems associated with growing old were once private issues, but now there is a considerable amount of money to be made from the large number of people who need or desire products and services tailored to the elderly.

Hemorrhoid treatments, will kits, hearing aids, denture adhesives, and reverse mortgages are the trend in advertising, and soon it will include bargain cosmetic surgery, nursing homes, and eventually funeral services.

Another change we are seeing in marketing is the proliferation of prescription drug commercials.

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Dementia has begun to afflict the post-war generation. In some Western cultures, such as the U.Speculative essays are narrative essays example of short speculative essay that tell a story and are meant to Click the link above to read a 6pt Speculative essay based on the prompt example above · When writing a speculative essay, How to Write essay policy a Speculative Essay Introduce only or or two characters in a short.

The text of William Kingdon Clifford’s “The Ethics of Belief” discuss symbolism in gullivers travel by jonathswift and the comparisons he makes towards humnature.

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Speculative essays are nonfiction works aimed at hypothesizing on the future circumstances surrounding a given subject. These works are considered nonfiction due their speculations being based on scientific data or other hard evidence rather than notions that may have little to no basis in reality.

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Despite frequent cries to the contrary, there are lots of great places buying speculative fiction these days. Professionally-paying science fiction markets top the list, followed closely by fantasy, trailed distantly by markets open to horror.

Still, there are many options—even more if you expand.

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