Self confidence pros and cons

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Self confidence pros and cons

It is way long What he says about confidence really hits the spot in terms of how Americans think in my opinion. Most things are achieved in the US because of this absolute belief that they can be achieved.

Other countries lack that spirit. My country Germany for example is not confident at all. Well, we all know the reason for that Anyway, as good as confidence is But maybe sometimes confidence leads you to errors, wrong decisions and you might fail your purpose although you acted with great confidence and meant really well.

If by then a working democracy based on the free will of the Iraqi people is in place we can all bow down to the spirit of confidence that led there. And everybody who thinks otherwise is in need of a quick reality check. But what if I said: The US is the source of all the greatness in the world.

Or Nothing other than greatness has come from American soil. The confidence, however, with which the US is trying to spread its opinions, its way of life, its products and anything maybe disturbing for others. Look, I really try to understand the American psyche. A nation founded on the principle: I lived in the US and tried to embrace that principle.

If you think, we must because you can then you are at the point of overconfidence clouding your view for reasonable arguements.

And promoting the rule of the fist over the democratic culture of debate, which is ironic because you are actually trying to promote democracy I have observed that a plea like mine is received very defensively in the US.

If I question your judgement then I am favoring "the enemy". Not everyone who dares to criticize certain decisions of your politicians is either a well meaning, naive hippy or a "stinking commie".

Those paragraphs about the stinking commies, the losers and so on You can only pull yourself out of a mess by your bootstraps if society gave you the opportunity to have boots. But it is pretty convenient not having to deal with arguments if you can cry "commie!

In any case, finally I think I found the fundamental difference between the American and the Old-Europe psyche: In contrast to the confidence of "We can" in Europe there is this belief in the law.

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The way to the war in Iraq seems to be a good example for that. Sometimes we are rigid. When the US decided they wanted to wage that war in order to install a democratic Iraqi regime but not all by themselves, they searchedUN approval. So some guy in the US government or in an association closely related to it may have felt the obligation to forge evidence about Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Either that or the people analyzing data about possible WMD were just incompetent for the job. So in a way, the European rigidness of believing in law may have forced that forgery because America wanted to appeal to our kind of reasoning in order to convince us of what they confidently knew: That they were right as well as the war was right eous.

Maybe a departure from both sides would be a good idea. Sometimes, everything that is needed is the courage to admit to have been wrong. That goes to Europeans and Americans alike. As I said, for the Iraq situation it is too early to tell. But, I may be wrong about that.Self-confidence is a tool that can help you manage your fears, tackle life's challenges with more certainty and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Self-confidence is typically based on past experience, and improves as you build up a repertoire of success on which to leslutinsduphoenix.comd: Jun 17, The Cons of Beauty Pageants.

1. Self Image Is Impacted Being put on a stage and meticulously judged for the way your body, hair, face, and clothes look can take a huge toll on a . Con - you have to have self-confidence in order to be emotionally independent.

Self confidence pros and cons

It can be really lonely, especially if you need others to validate you and you go through a dry spell or don't have a good support system with friends and family. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Self Confidence Pros And Cons.

Besides creative skill, in order to be a successful freelancer, you also need the right balance of business savvy, self-discipline, confidence and more.

So if you're thinking about taking the plunge yourself, read on to discover four pros (and four associated cons) of life as a freelancer. Teeth Bonding Pros and Cons. A beautiful set of teeth is a priceless asset for all of us.

It enhances your appearance and boosts your self-confidence.

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