Professional teacher education coursework

Onsite, in-person, and online available.

Professional teacher education coursework

Sometimes the best knowledge is gained via informal settings like discussions with peers or watching other colleagues at work.

Teacher Education

However, the term more commonly refers to a formal program or process, such as a conference, college course, seminar or workshop. As with other major professions attorneys, engineers and medical doctors, to name a fewteachers must complete a minimum amount of professional development training or continuing education to maintain their licenses.

In the past, teachers could rely on their employers to provide workshops and seminars to satisfy these licensure requirements. Today, however, with constantly tightening budgets, school districts are cutting back on such programs, leaving the responsibility for professional development squarely on the shoulders of the individual.

Professional teacher education coursework

The purpose of this guide is to provide teachers, principals, school administrators and others with valuable information and resources to help them in their search for quality professional development and continuing education programs.

Topics covered include federal, state and local education requirements, and the training types and modes available. We have also included helpful tips and advice from professional development experts. Whatever form they take, professional development and continuing education are crucial to improving teaching skills; and Quality teaching is the single most important factor for student success in the classroom.

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Recognizing these facts, educational institutions at all levels encourage teachers to continue their training in their field throughout their careers by both requiring minimum levels of professional development for license maintenance and offering career incentives such as higher pay and more secure employment to those who pursue post-secondary degrees and certificate programs.

Simply put, while professional development is required to move forward in a teaching career, earning a higher degree or certification is often mandatory for advancement up the professional ladder. Federal Professional Development Requirements While there are no professional development requirements for teachers directly mandated by the federal government, there are a number of requirements tied to federal educational funding through programs such as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act better known as No Child Left Behind and the Common Core State Standards.

For example, language in the No Child Left Behind legislation sets out standards for professional development activities that state governments and local school districts must adopt in order to receive funding through the Act.

Professional teacher education coursework

As a result, states and districts have placed a great deal of attention on implementing professional development programs that focus on specific issues tied to federal educational concerns.

At the moment, the biggest area of interest for teachers and school districts is the Common Core State Standards.

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Classes in mathematics proficiency are also huge right now, especially for teachers working on the elementary school level. Specific requirements for license renewal vary greatly from state to state, and are often quite complex.Professional Development for Educators We know as a teacher, you're always busy - planning lessons, grading papers, caring for children and meeting with parents.

That's why we aim to provide engaging and fun professional development courses and programs that fit into your schedule. Certification from Start to Finish. New York State teachers, administrators, and pupil personnel service providers are required to hold a New York State certificate for employment in the State’s public schools.

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Learners Edge partners with highly respected colleges and universities in an effort to provide the most versatile and effective continuing education graduate courses for teachers. Professional development online courses for license renewal.

Online learning for teachers trainers educators in STEM, humanities, elearning and instructional design University of Wisconsin Stout | Wisconsin's Polytechnic University Online Professional Development.

STEM Education Online Courses. EDUC Teaching for . CATALOG YEARS BEGINNING Elementary Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP)-Coursework Checklist Candidates will complete this form at each checkpoint using their 4-year plan developed with their advisor.

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