Nissan matatu business plan

This involves the regulators i. The government institutions NTSA and the police must first of all take it as a crucial responsibility to protect citizens from unnecessary deaths and injuries caused by road accidents. One way of doing this is by ensuring that only qualified and competent drivers are allowed on the roads.

Nissan matatu business plan

It is estimated that there are more than half a million PSV matatus that ply our roads every day. So, what do you need to know about it?

nissan matatu business plan

Type of PSV vehicle — and what you can expect to make in a day The vehicle you choose will depend on your budget and route dynamics. If you want to invest in a seater, the grey market second-hand imports offers the best options, with prices ranging between Sh1.

Those willing to ply short-haul routes — that is, within residential areas — a seater, 2. This comes to a total of Sh15, for a six-day week, or Sh60, a month. On average, the vehicle will bring in Sh10, a day, or Sh, per month, with a return on investment achieved two years in.

If you would like to finance it on your own by raising the 10 per cent deposit, then approach leading asset finance institutions like NIC Bank and KCB to get the remaining 90 per cent. They can give you flexible terms and if you repay consistently, your credit score will go up and you can apply for other loan facilities.

Licensing and regulatory matters To get your PSV on the road, it will first have to be inspected by the National Transport and Safety Authority NTSAwhich will ascertain its road worthiness and check for equipment like fire extinguishers, speed governors and seatbelts.

Informal fees Be prepared for the informal costs of owning a PSV, which could run into daily fees of Sh for a seater, and Sh for larger vehicles, depending on the route you choose for your matatu and the Sacco it will belong to.Oct 25,  · Job thanks for bringing this up.

This is potentially an explosive mission and a route to someone making a killing in readiness for I dont have much details nor the report you refer to but this is a multi-billion daily cash business and a top employer. And this is not cynicism; back when the import car market was opening up and everyone thought it was cool to have a car with Japanese hieroglyphics emblazoned all over the side, we once asked an Oriental acquaintance to translate the writing on a Nissan matatu, and he told us it says “We Clean Toilets”.

Engineer who has built matatu empire

The mission of the six-year midterm plan “Nissan M.O.V.E. to ” is to achieve sustainable growth and to lead the technology and business evolution of the automotive industry. though the matatu industry looks a chaotic business in the country, it’s a lucrative A strategy is a company’s game plan (Pearce and Robinson, ).

Although that a matatu in Kenya describes a seater Nissan Caravan, or Toyota Shark models normally used in several routes within the city, and. Feb 20,  · I appreciate what you are doing.

My father was in the matatu business but things went sour. Since i was exposed to the industry i plan to invest in it in the near future and i know i do need your advice to go strong.

Apart from Matatu business, Mbolonzi, a father of three also deals with general supplies of stationery. He started the Matatu business with Sh, as capital, of which Sh, came from Posta.

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