Kingfisher united breweries group

Kingfisher Resorts in South Africa has entered into a joint venture agreement with Extraordinary, a comprehensive sales, marketing and reservations solution to the hospitality sector. The vision of Kingfisher Resorts is to become a sizable and influential participant in the tourism industry and to develop the resources to cater for most of the days of the sojourn of those tourists, which Kingfisher Resorts brings to the country. The Kingfisher Resorts Strategy of growth in the tourism business is based on offering quality products in locations, which are both popular in the domestic South Africa market, whilst at the same time being areas, which are sought after destinations by international travellers.

Kingfisher united breweries group

The Group took its initial lessons in manufacturing beer from South India based British breweries. At the age of 22, Vittal Mallya was elected as the company's first Indian director in After a year, he replaced R G N Price as the chairman of the company.

Rangarajan took over from R G N Price. United Breweries made its initial impact by manufacturing bulk beer for the British troops before independence, which was transported in huge barrels or "Hogsheads".

Kingfisher, the group's most visible and profitable brand, made a modest entry in the sixties. During the s and 60s, the company expanded greatly by acquiring other breweries. First was the addition of McDowell as one of the Group subsidiaries, a move which helped United Breweries to extend its portfolio to wines and spirits business.

Strategically, the Group moved into agro-based industries and medicines when Mallya acquired Kissan Products and formed a long-term relationship with Hoechst AG of Germany to create the Indian pharmaceutical company now known as Aventis Pharmathe Indian subsidiary of the global pharma major Sanofi-Aventis.

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The logo[ edit ] The Pegasuswhich is the symbol of the United Breweries, first found its place as the Group logo in Then, the Helladic horse — associated with beer and nectar in Greek mythology — carried a beer cask between the wings, ostensibly because beer formed the core operations of the Group.

Later, the beer cask was removed to represent the Group's multifaceted operations.

Kingfisher united breweries group

Now, it is just the horse. The flagship brand, Kingfisheris now sold in over 52 countries worldwide, having received many accolades for its quality. It undertakes engineering, procurement and construction projects, infrastructure, on-site fabrication of structures, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment, piping for large industrial projects.In its bid to become a prominent player in South Africa’s four star tourism niche, Kingfisher Resorts Management SA (Pty) Limited, a group company, of the United Breweries Group of India (UB Group), has adopted a strategy acquiring and managing key hospitality products in tourism nodes where it can add value through its .

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Kingfisher Ultra is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by United Breweries - UB Group in Bangalore, India.

average with 29 ratings, reviews and opinions/5(29). This conglomerate magnate comes from India, and it runs its operations from the head office in the Karnataka State in UB City.

United Breweries Holdings Limited (UB Group) is yet another company that is almost omnipresent in every field or business. It all began with 5 breweries in South India, the oldest of which, Castle Breweries, dates back to United Breweries, as these breweries were named in , has come a very long way.

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A market leader in the truest sense United Breweries Holdings Limited UB Group is yet another company that is almost omnipresent in every field or business. It started out as a British brewery subsidiary only to become a market leader on the global scene.
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Organisational Information: You can only register as an organisation supervisor if your organisation name is in the registered list and. Enter the world of KINGFISHER – home of India’s favourite beer.

Kingfisher united breweries group

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