How to write a logical formula in excel

The logic is the same as in the above example, the only difference is that you multiply the specified quantity by the value returned by nested IFs i.

How to write a logical formula in excel

ExcelWindows 7 For Excel Versions: Each date is assigned a unique serial number. For example, the 27th September was date serial Fortunately, you don't need to know this but the fact that all dates have numerical values can be very useful.

Windows uses the date system in which 1st January is date serial 1, 2nd January is date serial 2 and so on. When you type a date into a cell, Excel shows you a date but is thinking of a number. To find out the serial number of a date, select the cell containing the date then open the Format Cells dialog by in Excel and later expanding the Number section of the Home tab click the arrow in the lower right corner or in Excel and earlier opening the Format menu and choosing Cells.

Go to the Number tab and click General in the Category list. The date's serial number will appear in the Sample box on the right. You can make use of these numbers in all sorts of ways. You can add a number to a date to give a date that is a number of days later, or subtract a number to get a date before.

You can take one date from another to find out how many days in between. There are lots of ready-made date functions too.

Working Out a Person's Age A person's age is the amount of time since they were born I know you know that but the computer doesn't, and we have to start thinking like the computer. So, all we have to do is put today's date in one cell and the person's date of birth in another cell, then take their date of birth away from today and you get their age - right?

Because you took a date serial from another date serial you get the number of days in between see NOTE below. It looks like this In older versions of Excel you might get another date.

MS Excel: How to use the IF Function (WS)

Excel is trying to help but has misunderstood what we need. In date calculations, the result cell gets automatically formatted the same way as the first cell in the formula.

Because the first cell was formatted as a date Excel showed you the result as a date, although you wanted to see a number. We need to convert this number of days into a number of years.

Most years have days but every fourth year has days. So the average number of years is Let's modify our formula Brackets mean "Work out this bit first I've used them here to stop Excel trying to divide A2 by Excel Logic functions explained. The following table shows all of the logical functions in Excel.

The first logical statement (Logical 1) is required, additional logical values are optional. You can test up to conditions in one formula, and these can be logical values, arrays, or references that evaluate to either TRUE or FALSE.

Edit Article How to Use Summation Formulas in Microsoft Excel. In this Article: Using the SUM Function Using the Plus (+) Sign Using the SUMIF Function Using the SUMIFS Function Community Q&A Microsoft Excel recognizes a number of mathematical functions that can be used to manipulate the data you have entered into a spreadsheet.

Description. The Microsoft Excel IF function returns one value if the condition is TRUE, or another value if the condition is FALSE. The IF function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a Logical can be used as a worksheet function (WS) in Excel.

how to write a logical formula in excel

Example 2. Multiple If with arithmetic calculations.

MS Excel: How to use the Nested IF Functions (WS)

Here's another typical task: the unit price varies depending on the specified quantity, and your goal is to write a formula that calculates the total price for any amount of items input in a specific cell. Working Out a Person's Age in Excel. Published: 19 July Revised: 29 April Author: Martin Green Screenshots: Excel , Windows 7 For Excel Versions: All.

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