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Free essays on construction

This industry produces various large number of public infrastructures to private structures, these structures are used for various purposes including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial etc.

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The construction industry plays a major role in the developing and developed nations worldwide, this industry is linked to a wide variety of other industries such as real estate, raw material industry, tourism etc. The construction industry is undefinable, according to Ofori,there can be various definitions to the construction industry as it includes a variety of professionals and skills to achieve a specific target and also there are various divisions in a construction industry, for instance the electrical and mechanical division, the civil and architectural division, plumbing and sewage division and so on.

We are absolutely focused to keeping to time and keeping within costs because delays cost money. Although the construction industry enhances the GDP of a nation massively, there are few setbacks to the construction industry which have a negative impact on the economy or rather delay the positive impact which is predicted.

These setbacks are caused mainly due to a huge investment in a project and then the project turning into a huge failure, there are many reasons for a project failure and a majority of these failures tend to become a burden on the developers or investors involved and also on the economy as a whole because these projects become monetarily expensive, in some cases the budget of a project quadruples the initial predicted budget.

Such projects have a huge extension in the planned completion date which delays the monetary returns predicted from that particular source. It is for such reasons; suitable research studies have to be conducted for better understanding of the areas where a project could go into a massive turmoil.

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One of the chief factors that causes a project failure is delays during the project, there are various causes of delays in a project but only few are suitable and can be related to a Free essays on construction country.

If these delays are not carefully understood or if proper measures are not taken to avoid specific delays, they will have a huge impact financially and in terms of time. These impacts can have adverse effects depending on the scale of the impact, time extension could not only add on to the costs of the project but also stops the cash flow from the infrastructure and the amount invested would not generate returns without the project Free essays on construction.

Such cases tend to take investments in both financial as well as time, such effects sometimes lead to disputes and legal confrontations or in harsh cases a total abandonment by the contractor or the client terminating the contract.

Delays and their effects definitely have a huge impact on the client or the developer, but the question remains about their relationship and their role with the economy of the UAE.

This study focuses on identifying the factors that cause delays through personal interviews with professional associated with the construction industry and the effects it has on the project and with the help of a survey, a series of ranking is given to these factors. The following section will clearly illustrate the necessity of this study and the boundaries of this research.

A successful project is achieved if it is completed on time, within budget and to the specified quality standards. Timely completion of a project is a major criterion of project success. In the first quarter ofalmost construction companies were registered; buildings were completed including 1, villas and residential complexes, multi-story commercial buildings and industrial, entertainment and service buildings.

Belaid Rettab, As cited by Salama, This study is majorly focused on the factors causing delays which are involved in the construction industry which would analyze the key causes and impacts of the delays.

These objectives are jeopardized by delays.

Delays result in extension of project time, which leads to extra over-heads that increase the cost. Based on the above mentioned claims it can be drawn that delays in projects not only effect the construction industry but also effect the economy of the UAE.

There have been limited research study done on factors causing delays in the construction industry, but the major objective of this study is to identify and categorize the factors causing delays based on their impact with the help of personal interviews of professionals associated with commercial projects in the construction industry of UAE and rank them with the help of surveys by professionals and employees from companies around the UAE involved in commercial projects over the years.

There are studies that have done articles on delays and effects as a whole, but not focused on commercial buildings or at least not focused on UAE, there are other works done on delays within UAE, but have used a case study approach towards coming to a conclusion.

According to a report done by Emirates NBD on sector economics, it shows that the construction sector in Dubai contributes This shows the amount of development and growth UAE has induced in Dubai alone, it can be inferred from the above report that Dubai plays a significant role in the construction industry and this sector will benefit a lot from the massive expansions in the hospitality, tourism and transportation sector.

Although GCC nations are well known for their petroleum supply, the construction industry has a vital role to play in the upcoming years. As far as UAE is concerned, the pie chart below Fig 1. This proves that, based on this research done by Emirates NBD inUAE holds a pivotal role in the projects undertaken in any field but the major field of projects undertaken and developed in the whole of GCC is in the construction industry.

So, for such reasons a study on delays that throws light on commercial projects of UAE and the relationship of these delays with the economy of UAE is essential towards gaining knowledge about this fast growing sector which helps many other sectors and also the economy in a crucial manner.

This is typically how a project is carried out usually, but there may be complications within the project and sometimes before the project is even initiated, the process of a project from its development phase till its completion phase is totally depended on many variables.

These variables may cause a delay in the begging of a project or sometimes cause a delay at a later stage. Some delays may be due to negligence or other improper conduct.

Free essays on construction

There are various factors which cause delays, it is almost impossible to list and study each and every factor that causes delays.

So, this study is going to gather the most important factors which have a measurable impact on commercial projects and categorize similar factors that fall under the same category.

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This study is going a step further to analyze the factors and rank the top factors with the help of personal interviews and also to focus on the impact delays have on the construction industry as well as on the economy of the UAE. There are several articles and extensive research done on the causes of delays in the construction industry which are focused on specific regions, but very few focus on UAE and hardly any focus its impact on the economy of UAE.

For example, Aynur Kazaz, in their study gather a total of 49 delays that cause time overrun and then through interviews they could list down only those delays which were relevant to Turkey and then based on a survey they ranked the top delays which cause time overrun, they also do a comparative study of various countries to the current position of Turkey.Database of FREE Construction essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas.

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Free essays on construction

Sustainable Design and Construction - Our world faces energy concerns, global warming, climate change, water shortages, soaring housing costs, economic instability, and dwindling natural resources.

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