Credit appraisal of home loan

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Credit appraisal of home loan

The mantra is not to get intimidated by figures and documents, but to put in perspective this fact that the lender does not know you personally and is making the calculations based on information provided by you.

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What is credit appraisal? Credit appraisal is a process of appraising the credit worthiness of an applicant for a loan. To gauge the credibility of the borrower, his sources of income, age, experience, number of dependents, repayment capacity, past and existing loans, nature of employment and other assets are taken into account.

Every bank or a lending institution has its own internal norms and procedures for underwriting the loan and scrutinising the applicant's details and credentials. The five Cs of credit appraisal Each of these Cs is used to ascertain the risk of default on a loan.

Character Credit history report is the indicator used by lenders to judge the character of the mortgagee. The banks also use the qualitative factors such as the degree of honesty by cross-checking the facts presented by the borrower.

For instance, if an applicant has hopped his job twice in a year, the reason for switching the job will be verified from his previous and present employers, to conclude if he has not concealed any information.

Capital This is a critical criterion to ascertain the amount of loan the applicant is worthy of.

What is an Appraisal?

Strong capital reflects the applicant's resilience to withstand ups and downs of the market lending rates. It builds the lender's faith in the applicant's repayment capacity. The applicant's equity must be good enough to not just meet the monthly obligations but the additional overheads as well.

Capacity The capacity of the loan borrower is decided through his annual income. The Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio FOIR is one of the tools that helps link your potential for the home loan and the amount you need to set aside for your daily expenses and contingencies.

Multiple existing obligations decrease your chances to get a new loan. Conditions Banks offer loans taking into account the prevailing market conditions, industry status, company, interest rate movements, inflation, price fluctuations among other things.

Thus, strong and positive industry growth and economic conditions are indicators of the applicant's ability to generate revenue and repay the debt. Collateral A home loan is availed of against a security or collateral. If the borrower is unable to repay his debt, the lender depends on the strength and salability of the security.

In case of a home loan, the property for which the loan is sought is a collateral. A vigorous study and examination of the collateral through legal and technical evaluation techniques is imperative to sanctioning a loan.

Here's a detailed credit appraisal process:After the inspection, your lender will order a home appraisal to make sure the property is worth the amount you’re borrowing.

Your lender will also set a date for the closing meeting. Once the mortgage is approved, you’ll get a loan closing document from the lender, detailing all the final costs. According to seniors and working guidelines, it was not possible for a loan to be approved for refinancing if the credit facility to be served would be more than 80% of the home appraisal.

lowest closing costs on refinance home loan bad credit first time buyer wsj mortgage rates. A VA loan covers % of the value of the home, you will however have to pay for any closing costs. The seller can pay up to 6%, which should cover more than enough of costs so you can get into you new home with no money out of pocket.

Learn about the home appraisal process from this Better Money Habits article. Be prepared for what is expected when getting appraised.

Building credit and keeping yours healthy How to build credit from scratch Building your credit with a secured credit card.

Credit appraisal of home loan

Manage your home loan application with the Home Loan Navigator. Estimate . Loan or credit line must be open for a minimum of 3 years. Loan or credit line closed prior to 3 years of the open date is subject to reimbursement of all original .


It’s important to know that in the post-bubble lending market, many home loan and appraisal guidelines are government regulated and much stricter. These guidelines are put in place to protect consumers from getting mortgages they can’t afford, or from getting large loans on houses that don’t have value.

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