Chief complaint as good as it gets

One of them will have to go, eventually. This could happen as early as Tuesday, when the city commission discusses the latest chapter in the grudge match between the two top municipal dogs:

Chief complaint as good as it gets

Between February and Februarya small group of Milwaukee officers took part in a string of serial assaults on subjects pulled off the streets.

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In many cases, the officers demanded the subjects produce the drugs they assumed were being hidden somewhere on their person.

Some of the complaints stated that drugs were planted during these searches. At least one complainant was a juvenile, and one stated that he was fingered so hard that his anus bled afterwards. Although 7 officers and one supervisor were originally suspended, the four officers mentioned above were the men the district attorney felt had enough involvement to pursue legal actions against.

Officer Vagnini was the the one who directly performed the searches with his hand; the others were present and assisted with detaining the victims, holding them down, provided Vagnini cover while molested them, and then failed to report the crimes to superiors in the department.

A Pattern of Abuse For two years the complaints piled up from the victims, with the knowledge of department superiors, including Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn. Finally, in Octobercity officials felt charged the officers, and the public began to become aware of the stories.

One case was described by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: When he came outside, his vehicle was surrounded by squad cars. Two other officers held his arms and one put a gun to his head, the complaint says. He rushed his hand up my butt. In another search, Vagnini conducted a traffic stop near N.

Locust streets, the complaint says. And the stories kept coming forward. In JulyChavies Hoskin, 28, was stopped while driving on N. Jason Mucha and Officer Thomas Maglio watched.

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Hoskin was charged with the delivery of cocaine. His suit contends that the officers lied in reports, and that Vagnini also falsely testified under oath about how and where he found the cocaine.

Chief complaint as good as it gets

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analyzed the cases of at least 13 victims as of August Keon Canada was pulled over five times during the summer of and subjected to butt-cheek searches four times, and that officers opened the front of his pants another time. No drugs were found during any of the stops.

A plaintiff identified only as R. Someone identified only as M.

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No drugs were found. In December and JanuaryM.Milwaukee officer Michael Vagnini gets 2 years in prison for repeated penetrating the anuses of suspects on the side of the road.

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What are some possible answers? A former top editor at Reuters was fired in after a subordinate filed a complaint saying he repeatedly sexually harassed her — only for him to land a job .

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