Aspects of meaning

Approach[ edit ] In medieval astrology, certain aspects, like certain planetswere considered to be either favorable benefic or unfavorable malefic.

Aspects of meaning

Archaic a glance; gaze 7. Astrology the position of starsplanets, etc. Read more… You can always improve in different aspects.

The Sun The industry will be lobbying government to protect certain aspects of its members. Times, Sunday Times We want now to look at all aspects of his work. Times, Sunday Times The skills you learn from sport can be used in any aspect of your life. Times, Sunday Times This was only one aspect of their disinformation campaign.

Times, Sunday Times As a family we look up to them and they inspire us in many aspects of life.

Aspects of meaning

Times, Sunday Times He predicts that the changes triggered by new technology will work Aspects of meaning way into all aspects of life. Computing But that is a crucial aspect of great parentingtoo: Times, Sunday Times This put quite a different aspect on the affair.

Aspects of meaning

Times, Sunday Times Today she has a personal trainer though still considers some aspects of surgery. The Sun You may return to the same job but some aspects of it may have changed. The Sun This represents the final integration of many aspects of the self into a whole.

Times, Sunday Times Others will dwell on the darker aspects of his character and methods. Times, Sunday Times The other aspect of systems is that there may be a time lag between cause and effect. Times, Sunday Times What specific aspects of it do they reject beyond all compromise?

Times, Sunday Times We are pretty filthy on ourselves in all aspects of our game. Times, Sunday Times The most important aspect of any bike is its frame. Times, Sunday Times You can feel good about certain aspects of yourself but not others. Life In Britain and Ireland before the Romans The first half is devoted to a series of chapters on particular aspects of the collection.

The Times Literary Supplement There are two aspects to this problem. Times, Sunday Times But the fascination of this programme are the less familiar aspects of his life and career. Times, Sunday Times The physical aspects keep you feeling active. The Sun The most crucial aspect of your exit is timing.

Times, Sunday Times Another carefully considered aspect of the house was the guest accommodation. Times, Sunday Times The work is far from complete and some aspects may need refinement or improvement.

Times, Sunday Times The key to health from this perspective lies in giving due weight to all the different aspects of your life. Westcott, Patsy Alternative Health Care for Women And he sees the most critical aspect of human nature to be our conflicted status as both selfless and selfish creatures.

The Times Literary Supplement How can one list the infinite ways in which it touches and affects the many aspects of life, the emotions it allows one to express and feel? Times, Sunday Times Word Lists.Define aspect. aspect synonyms, aspect pronunciation, aspect translation, English dictionary definition of aspect.

n. 1. a. A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all aspects of the situation. b. A characteristic or feature of something: a novel Aspect - definition of aspect by The Free Dictionary.

a. A property of verbs in which the action or state is related to the passage of time, especially in reference to completion, duration, or repetition. Meaning "the look one wears, the appearance of things" attested by early 15c. Show More. Example Sentences for aspect.

The first aspect of Rotterdam is strongly in favour of the people. Hawarden is called a Castle, but it has not, either in its exterior or interior, the aspect of a Castle.

Definition of aspect in English: aspect. noun. 1 A particular part or feature of something. ‘personal effectiveness in all aspects of life’ ‘the financial aspect can be overstressed’ More example sentences ‘I think a regrettable feature of some aspects of the environmental movement is that it .

The meaning of life as we perceive it is derived from philosophical and religious contemplation of, and scientific inquiries about existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness.

a way in which a thing may be viewed or regarded; interpretation; view: both aspects of a decision. Explore Weather Words You Need to Know; Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji?

the meaning of, or meaning typical of, such a category or construction. such categories or constructions, or their meanings.

Aspects - definition of Aspects by The Free Dictionary